Most of our leather products are manufactured with full grain vegetable-tanned leather. Vegetable tanning is a process that uses natural tannins present in trees and plants to transform a hide into leather. It is a traditional, artisanal procedure that uses no harmful chemicals, hence, is a much slower and complex process. The surface is breathable, feels warm and supple, and is free of carcinogenic or allergenic chemicals. Due to the natural tannins used, our leathers develop and change over time darkening and creating their own unique patina. This allows your bag to tell it's own unique story and become an individual one-of-a-kind piece by light, time and touch.

We recommend to regularly treat your bag with neutral color leather fat or with a waterproofing spray to keep it elastic and protected (always do a test patch in a hidden spot first). To clean a stain simply use a lightly damp cloth to wipe down the bag. If the stain doesn't disappear right away try mild soapy water. Please store your leather-good in its dust bag away from heat sources such as ovens or radiators.